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I Met A Pune Escort After Breakup With My Bae

I Met A Pune Escort After Breakup With My Bae

Every escort once in life thinks of their story in a "Pretty Woman" kind of way. And this is the reason; all these Julia Roberts are waiting for their Richard Gere to come up and pick them. Sadly, the reality is very distant and nothing like the movie.

Today I am gonna tell you one such story of love and lust that can easily be converted into a movie or web series. If not, then a short film can easily be made on it.

Let's dive into the story now.

I was having a decent lifestyle that every middle-class man ever dreamt of. I also enrolled myself in the gym and got some flings as well. Of course, it was the case as I was 25 then. My girlfriend Anjali Baloyi, I met her at the office.

We fall for each other within a week. What possibly worked in our case is the fact that I hadn't had any serious relationship till then and she had two worst relationships that left her with scars. We started with consensual sex and end up having a long-term commitment which we enjoyed.

After a couple of months, she was sent to a different branch of the same company. Since it was a promotion, she wanted to go abroad while I wanted her to stay. In the end, I finally decided to let her go as this is what she wanted from the job. And most importantly, she had earned it.

She went away and I was staring at her boarding the plane. I hadn't cried the whole day. I saved it for the night. At the same time, I was also thinking about what she was thinking. How she'd felt about leaving me… and every negative thought was peeling some layers of me.

Days passed, and I found myself at a standstill. I had friends, I talked to Anjali too. Still, those years were quite monotonous. Someday it felt like we were going off track and on the brink of breaking up. Someday, it felt new and fresh.

Actually, we both were pretty aware of the fact that we could live without each other. Of course when she came to visit me, or I went there to visit her, we felt the connection. The point is... even if we don't feel the connection, we don't crave it.

And while my mind was occupied with these thoughts, my friend came up with a strange bachelor party idea and decided to hire a bunch of Call Girl in Pune While it sounds cool to be a loyal one, but the pussy is free in the bachelor party and a solid man doesn't hide behind the mere promise that is meant to be broken someday.

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I attended the party and fucked that Pune escort Service goddamn brains out for like 11 seconds. The moment I finished, I regret being with another woman even though it didn't mean something to me. I felt like I cheated and I did what I wasn't supposed to do... I shared it with Anjali.

She didn't take it well. I am quite optimistic and thought that it will get normal someday. But it hadn't. She drifted apart. Sometimes I tried to talk out the situation, sometimes I ignored it too. One day, I saw her Instagram status with one of her male friends in which she was very cozy. We fought. And it was over. She said the same things like it was over the day I cheated on her, or I decided to sleep with an escort.

It took me a month to think straight. But it worked. My asshole friends suggested I hire Delhi escorts again. Even though it is very surprising, it helped. I invited those one-night stand ladies into my flat and bang her depending on my stamina. Sex was not fulfilling at all, but for the moment, I felt relaxed, and it was way better than alcohol and drugs.

I remember one night when I was banging the Delhi escorts in the worst and painful way. I was just pinning her with my penis. For fuck sake, I don't know what's in my mind then. Her moans were louder and more painful. She left the room ending the session. I swear, before that moment, I didn't even know that the call girls could also do such things.

I hold my penis for like 15 minutes, till my pain eases out. I went to the bathroom, unload the shit inside me, and stared at myself in the mirror. I just stopped looking good. I missed Anjali a lot. I slapped myself, cried a lot, and even decided to call Anjali in Pune escorts service

I even called Anjali but she didn't pick up. The next morning, I took a leave from the office. I spend my time in the bath and then shave and other things that are closely related to grooming. I typed Goodbye to Anjali on WhatsApp from where I was blocked. I deleted my pictures with her. I apologized to the lady with whom I hadn't behaved nicely last night and hired her for that day too.

It was not like I was sex hungry monster or something. I just wanted to share the news with someone that I decided to move on. We went to a restaurant to eat the meal. While we were having the conversation, for a moment I thought not to say anything about my previous life but she insisted that I looked so different and there must be a reason for it.

I told her the reason. She confronted me at the same time, she said, "You are wrong but your girlfriend is wrong too as she didn't give you a second chance."

When I started getting upset, she cheered me up stating that "Don't worry, tonight you will enjoy it and not regret it."

When we reached home, inside the room, she planted a kiss on my lips.